All LED lighting can be found in this section.

LED means Light Emitting Diode. They are like very small light bulbs but use less power and give off a lot less heat. In addition to energy efficiency, they also have a longer life span compared to traditional light bulbs.

We have a wide variety of LED products in stock. With the exception of the Event Spots, all of our products have several coloured LEDs which allow for colour mixing. The standard colour combination is RGB (red, green and blue). However, some products also feature amber or white LEDs to give more powerful colour mixing properties.

Our LED lighting products also offer colour changing options. This can be a straightforward change from red to blue, for instance. However, they can also be set to scroll through colours over the course of seconds to minutes. Both of these options can add an extra dimension to an event – for example, why not have a soft pink or amber at the beginning of an event, then change to blue later on in the evening. The possibilities are endless.