The Anolis ArcSource 6 is a tricolour LED PAR 16 which features high brightness levels, durability, and an interchangeable optics system.



The Anolis ArcSource 6 RGB combines state-of-the-art lighting technology with industry-standard MR16 fittings to create undoubtedly superior-class lighting systems. Using only the finest materials and precision manufacturing techniques the ArcSource 6 RGB, therefore, provides a professional solution for your lighting requirements.

In particular, the highest quality interchangeable optical system ensures that the desired effect can be achieved in the widest range of application possibilities. As a result of utilising high-powered Luxeon emitters, the ArcSource is unsurpassed in performance, reliability, and quality.

Other features of the ArcSource include high brightness levels, however with a low voltage output. The industry-standard dimensions and design ensure extreme efficiency and also a highly durable unit. Furthermore, the LEDs offer low heat output, no UV output, and a long life expectancy. Finally, the Anolis ArcSource 6 features versatile control options.


  • Max Power Consumption: 8.4 W
  • Available Beam Angles: 6°
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP2X
  • Light Source: High Power LEDs
  • LED Life Expectancy: Min 50000 Hrs
  • Typical Lumen Maintenance: 70% @ 50000 Hrs
  • Construction: precision-turned aluminum
  • Product Weight: 0.25 kg
  • Operating Ambient Temp Range: -20°C/+40°C
  • Operating Temp: +56°C @ Ambient 25°C
  • LED Colour: RGB
  • Cooling System: Convection
  • Cable Type: RJ45
  • Power/Data plug: RJ45