Rigging products cover a broad spectrum. From tripod stands to truss, cable crossing, slings and all things for lifting, securing and hanging.

Cable Crossing
Essential for use when cables are laid over a pedestrian walkway to protect both the public and the cable. In addition, the crossing can also be used across trackway to protect the cable from passing vehicles. Our cable crossing features high traction grip and is easy for wheelchairs and pushchairs to cross. Can be used for cable up to approx 36mm in diameter.

Selection of tripod stands in stock, from stands for speakers, basic stands with T-bars and wind up stands which support up to 60kg

Quad and Tri truss are available in various lengths. Also a 5m diameter circle in the quad truss.

In addition, we also have the following in stock

Chain Hoists
Kader Clamps
King Pole Clamps
Ali Tube Couplers
Slings and Ratchet Straps
These items include the following products:

Bow Shackles
Wire Rope
Nuts, Bolts, Eyelet bolts and Washer