New In- Showline SL LEDSPOT 300

The Var-Lite SL LEDSPOT 300 is a compact high performance moving head luminaire with fast and quiet movement. The precision framing system is a unique feature for a small compact luminaire, making the SL LEDSPOT 300 an ideal solution for designers with challenging space requirements desiring total beam control. The powerful fixed white LED engine delivers 11,500 lumens of output. Utilize the full flexibility of the CMY colour mixing and fixed colour options to produce saturated and pastel colours without compromised performance. The large zoom angle range, precision indexing four framing shutter system, frost fl ag and iris enable full beam control. Shape, size, and soften the beam as required and heighten the impact of your designs. With six rotating/indexable and nine fixed gobos from the Varilite Image Library and a rotating/indexable circular prism, the SL LEDSPOT 300 is ideal for creating dynamic and arresting visual effects.

  • Features:
  • CMY Mixing and separate CTO colour filter
  • Fixed colour wheel with five colours
  • Fixed gobo wheel with nine gobos
  • Indexable/rotating gobo wheel with six images from the VARI*LITE Library
  • Four framing shutters on separate planes and +/- 90 degree rotation
  • Frost filter and iris
  • Three-facet circular rotating / indexable prism