New In: Showline SL HYDRUS 350

The SL HYDRUS 350 is a moving luminaire designed for special events, television and concert lighting applications. Powered by the Philips Platinum 17RA Lamp, the luminaire therefore delivers a powerful output, saturated solid colours and a comprehensive beam effects system in a compact-sized luminaire.

Unlike traditional moving luminaires designed for a single purpose, the SL HYDRUS 350 has a hybrid optical design. Beam, spot and wash features are all combined in a single luminaire, producing an extremly versatile luminaire that can perform as a true workhorse in your designs.

Use as a Beam luminaire: the SL HYDRUS 350 delivers a powerful, crisp pinpoint beam. Combine the fixed gobos and the rotating prism lenses to create striking designs that come to life in larger arenas and auditoriums.

Use as a Spot luminaire: Choose the appropriate glass gobo (all designs from the VariLite gobo library), rotate and combine with the animation wheel to produce a myriad of dynamic looks.

Use as a Wash luminaire: Soften the edge with the frost filter and zoom out to deliver a defined soft even beam that can blend together and create smooth washes over the stage.


  • Fixed colour wheel with ten colours and one open slot
  • The colour system allows for split colour mode and colour scroll effects
  • Fixed gobo / beam aperture wheel containing twelve beam effect images
  • Indexable / rotating gobo wheel with eight images. Includes a coloured layered multiple
    focal point gobo
  • Animation wheel with Fire Breakup effect
  • Four facet linear prism and eight facet circular prism
  • Frost filter
  • Auto focus mode

The date sheet for the Showline SL HYDRUS 350 can be found at