Each product group in this catalogue has been broken down into various categories and subcategories to make this easier. We shall be adding more products over the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, if you are looking for something that is not listed, give us a call as we will probably have it in stock.

In stock is a large range of products including lighting, audio, power distribution, video and rigging. Many of our products are used across the industry, like our Prolights Smart Bat battery uplights and the Hog 3 lighting console. Furthermore, we have more unique products too such as the Prolights Pixie wash and an interactive floor system. In addition, we offer personalised products like metal and glass custom gobos, coloured gel filters and projection mapping.

All of our products are regularly serviced and are fully checked and tested before leaving the warehouse.


We have a wide range of lighting fixtures available, offering many different styles and effects. Here is a brief overview of the types of lighting offered.

Generic lighting is classed as our traditional lighting as they use tungsten lamps. They are available in several types to suit many events. Products in this category include PAR fixtures, profiles and fresnels. In the decorative lighting section, you can find a range of beautiful lighting products for enhancing your event. Whether you are looking for fairy lights, chandeliers, paper lanterns or festoon you will find it here. You will also find our bespoke made paper lantern rings which you will not find anywhere else.

We also have a large range of LED lighting. With the exception of the Event Spots, all of our products have several coloured LEDs which allow for colour mixing. The standard colour combination is RGB (red, green and blue). However, some products also feature amber or white LEDs to give more powerful colour-mixing properties. Intelligent lighting refers to stage lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination.

In addition, we have a range of products suitable for outdoor use. From festoon on a White or Black cable to floodlights and Weatherproof battery-powered LED floodlights. A range of safety and service lighting is also available. From striplights to emergency floodlights and festoon for lighting pathways.


From a small PA system for background music in your garden to an arena-sized PA with all the engineering support that is needed you will find it here. You will even find a selection of IP Rated weatherproof speakers.


Our video equipment can either be used with audio products, or stand alone. This can be one product – for example, a television screen or a combination such as a projector and projection screen. From video walls and projection screens to projectors and video production equipment, you will find all that you need to make your event a success here. If there is something you are after and cannot find please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also have available a Frameset Projection screen for hire that is great for giving that corporate feel in minutes for a presentation. 


Looking for something a bit different? Then why not browse through all of our special effects items.

With standard items such as lasers and smoke machines, we also hold some more unusual items in stock. These include a snow machine and a bubble machine, they are great to keep children entertained. However, we would recommend these for outdoor use only as they can get messy!

Furthermore, we also have lighting effects such as UV lights and Mirror Balls, both would be great for an age-related birthday or disco themed events as a nod back to the 1980s or 1970s.

Although if you want something completely different, we have our interactive floor. With several themes available, such as autumn leaves, snowflakes and rock pools which react as someone walks across the image, it is sure to be a talking point.  For a bit of fun, games such as football or alien splat can also be used. In addition, we can add a photo or company logo to the effect.


Lighting fixtures are usually controlled by dimmers and/ or a lighting desk. For lighting control of fixtures that are remaining a static colour, they can just be controlled with a dimmer. This adjusts the brightness of the fixtures.

Lighting desks are used when more control is required, either over multiple types of a fixture or to program different effects during an event.

We have an ever-expanding range of Audio Visual control equipment available. From small presentations to large scale corporate events, we can offer a comprehensive number of products to create a polished, professional finish.


Distribution boards are used to provide power around a venue. They often have several sockets to allow for different fixtures to be connected to one power source – such as a generator. 


We have a wide range of cables available to work with all fixtures and distribution boards.


From kader clamps to chain hoists, safety wires to truss, we have a large stock of rigging and safety equipment available.

We stock truss from MetalWorx, Litec and Trilite. Within this section you will also find information about all our stands, shackles and staging.