Looking for something a bit different? Then why not browse through all of our special effects items.

With standard items such as lasers and smoke machines, we also hold some more unusual items in stock. These include a snow machine and a bubble machine, they are great to keep children entertained. However, we would recommend these for outdoor use only as they can get messy!

Furthermore, we also have lighting effects such as UV lights and Mirror Balls, both would be great for an age-related birthday or disco themed events as a nod back to the 1980s or 1970s.

Although if you want something completely different, we have our interactive floor. With several themes available, such as autumn leaves, snowflakes and rock pools which react as someone walks across the image, it is sure to be a talking point. For a bit of fun, games such as football or alien splat can also be used. In addition, we can add a photo or company logo to the effect.

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