Lighting fixtures are usually controlled by dimmers and/ or a lighting desk. For lighting control of fixtures that are remaining a static colour, they can just be controlled with a dimmer. This adjusts the brightness of the fixtures.

Lighting desks are used when more control is required. This can be over multiple types of a fixture for instance. In addition to program different effects during an event. There is a vast range of lighting desks available today with numerous features.

Our selection of desks ranges from a very basic and easy to use 6 channel desk, to a desk suitable for large theatrical and touring productions. We also have a PC based range of lighting control.

We can help you to decide which type of control will be best suited for your event. For example, if you are using festoon and uplights, we would suggest using a single channel dimmer for each product. Therefore they can be controlled independently.

Using fixtures such as intelligent lighting will require a lighting desk. However, we can programme this with several presets and label each fader with the effect.

Some of our products such as LED Battens and Smart Bats will not need a desk or dimmer. They can be used with a simple remote control (provide). This provides basic colour changing options and effects as well as dimming control.