Generic lighting is classed as our traditional lighting as they use tungsten lamps. They are available in several types to suit many events. Products in this category include PAR fixtures, profiles and fresnels.

PAR Cans
Mainly used in theatre, concerts or film production, these fixtures can also be used for creating a colour wash, spotlighting or to create effects in all venues. Several of types can be used with gel filters to create a colour effect and can also be programmed to create basic effects.

Profiles produce a clearly defined spot of light. Some have a fixed focus lens, while others have a movable lens making beam adjustable. Profiles can be fitted with coloured gels. They can also be fitted with Gobos which are metal disks with images and patterns laser cut out to produce intricate designs.

Fresnels are soft-edged spotlights that feature shutters so that the beam size can be controlled. The angle of the beam can also be adjusted to produce a smaller or larger area of light.