We have a wide range of lighting products available, offering assorted styles and effects.

Generic Lighting

Generic fixtures use traditional tungsten lamps. Products in this category include PAR fixtures, Profiles and Fresnels. Suitable for theatrical productions, conferences, and weddings, for example. In addition, these products can use accessories including coloured gels or gobos.

LED Lighting

We have a wide variety of LED products in stock. Except for the Event Spots, all our products have coloured LEDs which allow for colour mixing. In brief, the standard colour combination is RGB (red, green, and blue). However, other products also feature amber or white LEDs to give more powerful colour mixing properties.

Decorative Lighting

In the decorative section, you can find a range of beautiful products for enhancing your event. Whether you are looking for fairy lights, chandeliers, paper lanterns or festoon you will find it here. You will also find our bespoke made paper lantern rings which you will not find anywhere else.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting refers to fixtures that have automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination. Although the most advanced intelligent units can produce extraordinarily complex effects, the intelligence lies with the designer of the control system rather than the programmer of the show or the operator. For this reason, intelligent fixtures also are known as automated lighting, moving lights, or moving heads.

Outside Lighting

All these fixtures are IP rated as splash-proof or waterproof, therefore suitable for outdoor use. From festoon on a White or Black cable to floodlights and weatherproof battery-powered LED floodlights.

Service Lighting

This section includes striplights, emergency fixtures and indoor floodlights.


In addition, we have a large stock of coloured gel filters and glass or metal gobos. Custom-made service is available for gobos, with a range of examples including:

  • Company logo
  • Names of the bride and groom and the wedding date
  • Name of husband and wife with the anniversary date
  • Name, age, and date for a birthday celebration
  • Silhouette or a simple image of a car, boat, pet etc