The PAR 16 parcan is a versatile unit and despite its small size, can be used for a variety of situations and locations. Available in a bank of 4 or singly.

Showtec PAR16 Parcan



The Showtec PAR16 PAR can is a detailed, miniature PAR can. The tiny PAR16 is often called a ‘Birdie’, derived from a golfing joke (one under par)! These simple Par 16’s allow for a variety of MR12 lamp’s to be fitted letting you create the ideal atmosphere for small stage lighting or an architectural feature. Furthermore, they are also ideal for bars, retail, exhibition use and small feature lighting.

Furthermore, the supplied colour frame means that you can easily achieve the mood you want by adding a lighting gel of your choosing. In addition, barn doors can be supplied. These adjust the shape or direction of the beam of light from the luminaire. The Showtec PAR16 PAR can is available as a single unit or in banks of 4. Please note that although the 4 Way Banks have inbuilt transformers, the single units require an external transformer. Available in Black/Black or White/Chrome.

The PAR can is perhaps the most widely used light for concerts, nightclubs and touring productions. PAR is an acronym for parabolic aluminized reflector and is used to designate a sealed-beam lamp similar to the headlight in an automobile. PAR lamps are differentiated according to their diameter, which is measured in eighths of an inch. The PAR can is the lamp housing that safely holds the lamp and any colour media (gel) in place.


Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.7 × 12 cm

, ,

Power Input

16A, 3 Pin XLR

Supplied With

Flying Hardware, Safety Bond