The Par38 uplight is a very useful light and is ideal for those on a budget. It can be fitted with gel filters to add some colour.

PAR 38 Uplight



The Par 38 Marquee Uplight is a very useful light and is ideal for those on a budget. Due to the design of this fixture, it is only to be used for uplighting. Constructed from stainless steel so they are tough yet look very smart. In addition, these uplights will work well with every style of decor. Due to their construction, the body of the units remains cool to the touch. Therefore one suggestion is that the uplights could be placed behind marquee linings. Not only does this create a beautiful defused light, but also means that the fixtures cannot be seen. Fitted with a waterproof seal so the unit can be used outside unless there is heavy rainfall.

These fixtures have a 16A plug and socket so that several of them can be connected together quickly and easily. Furthermore, the cable to the plug is 7m while the cable to the socket is 0.5m. The Par 38 Marquee Uplight can be controlled by a dimmer. The built-in gel frame allows for gel filters to be used to add some colour when uplighting walls or features.

An 80W lamp is fitted as standard. 120W and halogen lamps are also available upon request. Many colours and shades of gel filters are available.


  • Stainless steel
  • 7m HO7 Cable to 16A plug and 0.5m to 16A socket
  • Waterproofing seal
  • Slots for lighting gels
  • Length 150 mm
  • Width 150 mm
  • Height 295 mm

An alternative to the PAR 38 Marquee Uplight is the LED Event Spot

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