The SGM Light P-5 is a high-performing IP65 rated LED wash light. Suitable for outdoor use this light incorporates 44 x RGBW 10W LEDs.



The SGM Light P-5 is one of the most well-known and reputed IP65 LED wash in the lighting industry. It has created new standards of colour consistency, even coverage, light output, and smooth dynamic colour balance. The P-5 employs 16bit dimming performance with no colour shift, it is completely upgradeable through firmware updates. In addition, the P-5 offers a full variety of beam angles for medium-to-longer throw applications via precise, interchangeable lenses. Its unique light projection and colour mixing have made the P-5 the standard reference for lighting designers all around the world.

The P-5 mounts 44 high-power 10W LEDs with RGBW in each of the 44 lens reflectors to deliver a bright and accurate beam projection. It is not only a powerful colour-changing wash light but also a precise dynamic white luminaire with 2000K – 10000K CTC colour temperature control. The 44 x RGBW 10W LEDs offer an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours.

The SGM Light P-5 is able to illuminate many different areas since it allows the user to modify the beam angle with three precise and different interchangeable lenses. While the 43º lens kit delivers a nearly 1:1 performance for shorter or flood type applications, the 21º kit offers controllable coverage for medium throws. The 15º lens kit concentrates all the light output into a single point, to generate a powerful spot over longer distances. Optional 4-way and 8-way barn doors add even more control and accuracy.

Specification for the SGM Light P-5

  • High-performance IP65 RGBW LED light source
  • 43º, 21º, and 15º interchangeable lenses
  • 20031 lumens in 420W
  • DMX, RDM, and wireless control
  • 2000K – 10000K CTC control
  • Accurate 16bit dimming performance
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Flicker-free / Programmable scenes
  • Length: 497 mm
  • Width: 122 mm
  • Height: 268 mm
  • Weight: 8.9 kg