Event Showcase – Moroccan Theme

Our event showcase will help to show the products used to achieve a look for many of the events we have been involved with. For this event, our brief was to provide basic uplighting and gobo projections in a 48’ x 68’ tension tent for a Moroccan theme corporate event.


We installed an 8m section of truss along the apex of the marquee, between the two Kingpoles. This truss was raised and held by 2 x chain hoists and secured to the Kingpoles with ratchet straps for additional safety. All lifting equipment is tested to take 1 ton of weight.


To this truss, we attached 10 x Source Four Zoom profiles, each fitted with an Arabic Flower gobo. These fixtures were focused to project a static gobo pattern across the floor, with two being used on the wall of the marquee. These gobos were used to create the Moroccan theme along with the decorations dotted around and outside the tension tent.

In this tension tent, there were also 20 x Par 64 floor cans around the walls of the marquee. These uplights were fitted with amber coloured gel filters to complement the profiles. They were controlled by a dimmer so that the intensity could be adjusted throughout the evening.

The band lighting consisted of 6 x Optipars on 2 x wind up stands with aluminium poles. The Optipars were also fitted with coloured gels.

Additional Lighting

In the catering marquee, we used 4 x striplights for lighting and 6 x 13A twin sockets on a 32A feed.

The lighting for both the cloakroom and toilets consisted of Par 38 uplights fitted with coloured gels and controlled by single channel dimmers. The outside lighting was provided by halogen floodlights.

Control and Power

To control the lighting in this marquee, we provided 1 x 12 Channel DMX Lighting desk. A 1 x 6 channel dimmer rack was also used for the static lights. In addition to these fixtures, we also provided band lighting, plus outside lighting. Both power and lights were provided for the catering tent, cloakroom and toilets. Power for the site was provided by generators. We used several distribution boxes to run power from the generators to various locations around the site.  A mixture of single-phase and three-phase cable was also used for power.

The profiles used here are black, and we also have them available in white. The gel holders are included, while the gobos and gobo holders are optional extras. We have a large range of gobos in stock, including these Arabic Flowers. Furthermore, we can order in additional styles or produce customised gobos.

The Par 64 units are available in chrome finish. In stock are short nose cans which can be used for uplighting as at this event or top lighting. We also have long nose cans which are suitable for top lighting. Although these units can be fitted with coloured gels, as the lamps in these are 1000W, we recommend using high-temperature gels only.

For more information on any of the products used to create this Moroccan them event, they can be found within the product catalogue