In The Spotlight – ETC Source Four Zoom Profile

With the ETC Source Four Zoom Profile, you only need one fixture rather than several for a variety of field angles. In addition, these profiles offer maximum brightness and maximum field-angle flexibility.  Furthermore, ETC’s patented one-handed zoom operation with positive lock makes adjustments quick, simple and safe. Therefore, technicians can focus the profile with one hand and hold the ladder with the other. Constructed from die-cast, extruded aluminium for a rugged finish.

The 25˚ rotating shutter assembly features 20-gauge stainless steel shutters in a tri-plane design. Meanwhile, the steel yoke offers two mounting positions and a positive locking double-clutch system. To assist with field-angle and focus settings, the profile features scale markings. There are thermally insulated knobs, shutter handles and rear handle.

The profile is available in two options – 15˚ to 30˚ and 25˚ to 50˚ field angle ranges. Fitted with a 575W HPL lamps as standard although up to a 750W lamp can be used if required. The Lenses have anti-reflective coatings. Both the lens and the reflector are secured with anti-vibration shock mounts. With a low gate- and beam-temperature; shutters will not warp or distort.


To allow for effects there is an integral die-cast colour gel frame holder with two accessory slots, and a top mounted, colour gel frame retainer. In addition, there is also a slot for glass or stainless steel patterns, plus a wide accessory slot with a sliding cover for motorized pattern devices or optional iris. These allow for the Source Four Zoom to be fitted with gobos to provide patterns or designs across the floor and wall. Or a bespoke pattern can be designed. Additionally, coloured gel filters can be added to produce a subtle or bright splash of colour to suit any event.

The ETC Source Four Zoom Profiles are available in black or white. They are supplied with a gel filter holder. Gobo holders and gobos are optional. They are fitted with 16A plugs as standard.