In The Spotlight – Decorative Paper Lanterns

This week our focus is on decorative paper lanterns, a versatile and popular product. Therefore will be suitable for hanging in most venues. If not being fitted with standard lamps, the lanterns can be hung with heavy-duty fishing line. This gives the appearance of the lanterns floating in the air. Furthermore, this gives a clean look to the effect produced. In the photo above, these decorative paper lanterns added a lovely effect to this room without any lamps used.

Paper lanterns can be used in many different ways. Down the centre line of a marquee or dotted around the roof space to create a canopy, for instance. In additin, they can also be used with our copper or white rings to create a stunning centrepiece. With so many colours and sizes to choose from, they can match a colour theme for a wedding or corporate colours. Therefore offering a truly unique look to your event. Sizes range from 4 inches up to 36 inches. Pastel and bold colours include white, reds, blues, yellows and pinks in a variety of shades.

Fitted with 20W lamps as standard. In addition, we have small battery lamps suitable for use with the paper lanterns.

More information about the paper lanterns can be found on the Decorative Lighting page.