Lightmaster XL In The Spotlight

The Zero 88 Lightmaster XL is a simple two preset 12 channel desk featuring an FX engine. Notably, the desk features include 2 presets, 108 memories and 12 sub-masters. Also, the console offers both analogue and DMX512 output.


The desk is divided into six distinct sections: Master controls, Presets, a Memory section, an Effects section, the MIDI function and the Super User function. Therefore these sections can be used to control the output channels in a variety of ways.

  • The Master controls provide overall control of the entire desk
  • The Presets offer manual control of individual channels
  • The Memory section allows storage and retrieval of lighting scenes, using the B preset as memory masters
  • The Effects section allows storage and retrieval of chase and audio effects
  • The MIDI function allows the desk to operate with any MIDI equipment
  • The Super User functions allow protected access to functions that affect the overall desk operation including Memory Card saving and loading


The Lightmaster XL console has a USITT DMX512 output as standard. Under Super User control, it will output DMX signals to the 1990 or pre 1990 standards. The 96 dimmer channels can be addressed via the built-in soft patch. The Lightmaster XL desk also has a range of options which are accessed in Super User mode. Whilst in Super User, Presets A and B work normally, however, the Memory, Sequence and MIDI functions are disabled.


Furthermore, the Zero 88 Lightmaster XL uses MIDI in three ways:

  • Firstly, as a means of linking two or more Lightmaster XL desks for a memory transfer or Master/Slave operation
  • To allow a relatively simple electronic keyboard to control individual channels and memories
  • To allow more complex instruments such as sequencers to control scene changes, even to the extent of making such changes into a sophisticated chase

Preset Controls

In Preset Mode all effect and memory functions are disabled, thus offering a completely manual system. A scene can also be set up on Preset A or B using the individual channel faders. The A and B master faders can then be used to manually crossfade between scenes while still under the control of the Grand Master.

Zero 88 Lightmaster XL Features

  • 12 channel lighting desk
  • 2 presets
  • 108 memories
  • 12 submasters
  • Analogue and DMX512 output

Ideal for small theatres and schools.

Zero88 Lightmaster XL12