The Lanta Quasar Sapphire Twinkle features a 300w blue cluster laser. Controlled by 6 DMX channels it can be used in master/ slave and sound-activated modes.

Lanta Quasar Sapphire Twinkle



The Lanta Quasar Sapphire Twinkle laser projects an ultra-wide dispersion of pure blue twinkle and line effect laser beams, around any venue. This laser notably features 300W blue cluster laser. Furthermore, the Sapphire offers 6-channel DMX control. The laser is very neat and compact measuring 153mmm(W) x 201mm(D) x 86mm(H Excluding Bracket)and weighing in at 1.3Kg.

The Lanta Quasar Sapphire Twinkle features solid metal construction with an integrated, adjustable hanging bracket. The front of the unit houses the internal microphone, sensitivity adjustment and LED indicator. Correspondingly, the rear of the unit features the power switch, IEC connector, LED Power indicator, DMX in & out, DMX Address Dip switch bank and cooling fan.

Control Options

It is possible to operate the Lanta Quasar Sapphire Twinkle from a remote location. This is completed by using either a DMX  controller or a PC or laptop with a DMX interface. Lanta products use a 3 pin XLR style connector and usually have an input and output DMX connector. This allows multiple lighting products to be “daisy-chained” together. Thus building a display controlled by just one cable back to the DMX controller.

Equally important, the Lanta Quasar Sapphire Twinkle responds to sounds picked up by the in-built mic. Each sound steps the effect to the next in the sequence. This is a great way of making two or more units do the same things at the same time, without the need for a DMX controller. The laser has an in-built DMX controller of its own. Therefore, when a second Sapphire (set as SLAVE) is connected to a Sapphire (set as MASTER) the SLAVE will follow all of the activity of the MASTER. Hence it is possible to run 9 units on a master/ slave function. One unit is set as the master and the remaining 8 units are set on SLAVE mode.