The Hippotizer Stage is, in principle 8 video players, a mixer and a selection of effects all in one box.

Hippotiser Stage V3



The Hippotizer Stage V3 is armed with two 1280×1024 resolution outputs which can be configured as separate feeds (dual-mode) or joined to form one 2560×1024 seamless canvas the applications are almost limitless.  Edge blending between the outputs or even other Hippotizers is simple and fast.  And with the Hippotizer Pdoom Mpeg2 Engine at its heart, you can be assured that in the midst of all these new and exciting functions, your media will look better than it ever has.

Hippotizer allows you to apply FX to images; video and live sources in real-time and the effect will be rendered immediately. The ability to mix between layers and apply FX in real-time makes the Hippotizer ideal for live situations where the content may need to be continually changed in real-time.

The Hippotizer Stage V3 Media Server is, in principle 8 video players, a mixer and a selection of effects all in one box. You have instant access to over 250 parameters at any one time. It is possible to manipulate multiple parameters instantly and at random for any media or live camera feed. Any changes to these parameters are executed instantly, which is why we call the Hippotizer a “real-time” media server. The above is true if running in either single screen mode or pan mode. When running in dual output mode the Hippotizer Stage V3 will operate as two separate 8 layer machines. However, please note that the total number of layers depends on Hippotizer version being used.


This server has both V2 & V3 versions running on it. The Version 3 Hippotizer software is designed to build upon the success of its predecessor, the V2. This version was known for its ease of use, high-quality video output and also offered a comprehensive set of features. This new version continues this but in addition, provides a whole new level of Media Server functionality.