The Hippotizer Rackoon is a power-packed media server. Hippotizer is one of the leading players in the ever growing field of scenic video.

Hippotizer Rackoon



The Hippotizer Rackoon is a power-packed addition to the Green Hippo Hippotizer server range.  This little 1U rackmount rascal thus gives 6 layers of full 1080p HD playback in a shake of the tail. Boasting all the usual features of Hippotizer’s award-winning software, Rackoon also fully integrates with all other Green Hippo servers seamlessly. Therefore a loveable and helpful little beast delivering a level of functionality to belie its diminutive stature.

Furthermore,  there is a reason this little fella has a twinkle in his eye. With an unrestricted output resolution, full HippoNet compatibility and also all the software usability of its bigger relatives, you can forgive that cheeky look.

Bouncing with feature after feature, Rackoon would be considered pesky were he not so useful. Feed him media and as a result, he will reward you with an array of tricks.  Full geometry control and support for integration into almost any setup via a host of native protocols, plus all the renowned Hippotizer tools for video-mapping and multi-server setups means that this little fella is house-trained and ready to perform tricks and for that reason will make you love him even more.

In addition, a built-in timeline functionality and scheduling features make the Hippotizer Rackoon a powerful stand-alone playback device too. PixelMap multiple universes via Ethernet, or even display composite video inputs such as cameras or players on any or all of its six layers. Without a doubt, there is a place in any setup for this little chap.

Rackoon: Earning his stripes daily.


  • 6 media layers (4 layers in XFade)
  • PixelMapper with an unrestricted number of output universes
  • 1U rackmount case
  • Optional patch panel for professional connections
  • 2 FX engines per layer – 100+ effects per FX engine
  • Frame accurate synchronisation across multiple servers
  • MediaManager with live media updating and WatchFolders
  • ScreenThief for Ethernet video capture
  • Keystone and ScreenWarp for non-linear projection surfaces
  • Soft-edge blending
  • Timeline for stand-alone operation
  • HippoNet
  • External control via DMX / MIDI / TCP-IP / OSC /RS232 / MaNet
  • High-performance 3D show visualisation integration via CITP and HMap2
  • Map to the most complex screen setups using RegionMapper and the award-winning VideoMapper
  • Create stunning multi-screen shows with UberPan controller driving up to 4 render nodes
  • New visual presets applicable across all layers
  • XFade – Seamlessly switch between clips