The Emergency Floodlight is an essential extra safety feature in marquees and other venues. In the case of a power cut or emergency, they will illuminate.



The Emergency floodlight is an essential extra safety feature in marquees and other venues. For instance, placed in suitable positions, such as mounted to truss or near access points. These fixtures are designed to illuminate in the event of a power failure, therefore allowing people to safely exit the venue. Due to the backup battery, the lights remain on for several hours.

LED emergency lights are a cost-effective replacement for old fashioned halogen twin spot fittings. Due to the low power consumption of the LED lamps, only one battery is required, reducing the power consumption during charging. The super bright adjustable heads make this twin spot ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The lightweight design makes it quick and simple to install.


  • Ideal replacement for the old style of halogen twin spot fittings
  • The automatic self-test allows fitting to check correct operation every 90 days
  • The fitting incorporates LED indicators and built-in sounder to show lamp status and alert of faults
  • White output (3500K)
  • Tilt and pan heads to allow light to be directed as required
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • 3-hour emergency duration

There are two basic types of emergency lighting luminaires, namely, maintained and non-maintained. Maintained, these luminaires have the advantage of being able to be switched between the maintained function (lamp illuminated at all times) and non-maintained (lamp off until power supply fails), making them ideal for applications such as corridors, workshops and permanently illuminated emergency exit signs. The maintained luminaires also have the facility of being switched in banks of up to ten units. Non-maintained, these luminaires are only illuminated on a failure of the mains supply. Ideal for emergency exits, switchrooms and storage areas.

We certainly suggest that these floodlights are on a separate power feed from other lights and equipment.

In addition to the Emergency Floodlight, we also recommend using the Emergency Exit Signs