The Anytronics Pro-Dim is a basic single-channel dimmer. Ideal for use with a group of connected fixtures such as PAR38 or LED uplights.

pro-dim 10


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The Anytronics Pro-Dim 10 is a basic single-channel dimmer. Fitted with a 16A inlet and outlet it has a rated capacity of 10A. The Pro-Dim 10 is suitable for dimming control of incandescent,
resistive, inductive/wound transformer loads, and most dimmable electronic transformers for low voltage or cold cathode lighting.

In addition, the Pro-Dim 10 can also be used for zero voltage switching of suitable loads. In addition, the features a slider level control (except on Slave version), two analogue inputs and optional DMX inputs. Furthermore he unit can be used wall-mounted, pole-mounted or free standing and has a variety of output connection options.

Ideal for use with a group of connected fixtures such as PAR38 or LED uplights.


  • Single channel 10A dimming or switching
  • Internal 0-25% preheat control
  • Setting for use with electronic fluorescent ballasts
  • Selectable 1 second fade rate for soft start operation
  • Suitable for wall mounting, pole mounting or freestanding use
  • Optional emergency lighting terminal
  • Push button outstations available
  • Optional DMX input via XLR and RJ45 connectors
  • Operating voltage range: Nominal 200-240 V ac, 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D): 190 x 174 x 75

If you require DMX control for up to 4 fixtures, an alternative to the Anytronics Pro-Dim 10 is the Anytronics Quad Pro-Dim