The Wholehog 2 seamlessly integrates control of moving and conventional lighting, making any moving light as easy to control as a dimmer.



The Flying Pig Systems Wholehog 2 provides powerful features and the simple operating system will easily handle everything from refined theatrical shows to chaotic television or concert events. For this reason, the Hog 2 has become one of the world’s most popular lighting consoles. Cutting-edge software is backed up by a robust hardware design to give maximum power and reliability in one compact console. Windows-based touch screens also let users configure the console to fit their operating style. Therefore, no matter what type of show, the Wholehog 2 has the flexibility to do it all.

The Wholehog 2 seamlessly integrates control of all moving and conventional lighting, therefore making any moving light as easy to control as a dimmer. All types of moving lights (including High End, Vari-Lite, Martin, Clay Paky, etc.) are thus programmed with the same natural programming interface. In addition, editable personalities are available for all major fixture types. Furthermore, instant access is available to fixtures, groups, and palettes via touch-sensitive displays.

Pre-set fixture personalities automatically configure the Wholehog 2 to your specifications. The console includes fixture personalities from all major lighting manufacturers like Martin for instance. Just select fixtures set their initial DMX address, and press the Automenus button. Programming is equally straightforward as a range of powerful tools lets you select and group fixtures, set their parameters, and also record them into cues. It doesn’t matter whether you’re controlling a Vari-Lite® or a Cyberlight,®  the console is programmed using the same simple programming method.


  • 4 DMX universes
  • DMX input
  • 8 Playback masters
  • 2 built-in LCD touch-screens
  • 2 External SVGA monitor ports
  • Full time-code facility
  • Dimensions: 668mm x 588mm x 153mm
  • Weight 22kg excluding case and monitor

Features of the Wholehog 2

  • Numerous windows give feedback on programming and fixture status.
  • Familiar command-line programming syntax.
  • Unlimited multi-part cues.
  • Timing spreadsheet for easy entry of parameter times.
  • 3D positional programming with XYZ coordinates.
  • Automated preset focus updating with 3D system.
  • Effects Engine™ instantly generates complex effects including rainbows and ballyhoos.
  • Complete programming manipulation: move, copy, merge, mask, etc.

In addition to the Wholehog 2, we also have the Wholehog 3 available for hire.