An interactive floor uses a projector with a built-in motion sensor that reacts to gestures and movements such as jumps, runs, hand waves, and more.



If you require something a little bit different for your event, why not hire our interactive floor projection? Keep your eyes on the floor and watch the fun unfold! With Interactive Floors, a once boring floor surface becomes an exciting, digital playground. If you move near, on or over the floor, your actions trigger an amazing visual reaction. Users can play soccer, kick leaves, stomp in puddles, start dancing or simply watch the magic unfold.

How does it work? A high brightness Projector displays captivating special effects and multimedia content onto the floor surface. Using specialist software and motion camera technology, the interactive floor responds to the slightest movement and puts you in control of a spectacular multimedia display.

The interactive floor projection package includes the following;

  • PC
  • Infra-Red camera
  • One Effect
  • One Game
  • Please note that any additional effects, games and personalisation options are extra.

Effects and Games available:

  • Rock Pool
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Football
  • Splat the Alien
  • Hungry Halloween Hands
  • Spooky Mirror
  • Happy Holidays Frosty Window
  • Holiday Frozen Pond
  • Please contact us if you require a specific type of effects, games or personalisation options