The Electro-Voice EV ZX1i-90 speaker can be used outside. It is suitable for a range of uses such as public announcements, speeches and playing music.

Electro-Voice ZX1i-90



The Electro-Voice ZX1i-90 is an 8-inch two-way passive speaker. This compact, lightweight, flexible sound system was designed to deliver a superb, mature sound despite its compact dimensions. Thanks to the construction of the polypropylene cabinet, along with the 8-inch woofer and 1-inch compression driver, it delivers the acoustic performance of a 12-inch speaker and even that of some 15-inch cabinets! Since the ZX1i-90 also has protection on board, you can rest assured that it will always perform without giving out on you.

The Electro-Voice ZX1i-90 is the new standard of no-compromise audio performance and versatility in an easy to install, compact sound reinforcement package. The high-tech enclosure uses injection-moulded high-impact polypropylene to make the ZX1i extremely durable. The enclosure geometry has been engineered to provide maximum rigidity and acoustic performance. The velocity compensated port design overcomes the limitation of many small cabinet loudspeakers and enables exceptional low-frequency response without vent noise.

The ZX1i-90 is well suited for mobile use, is easy to carry, takes up little space on stage and also will not take a gigantic bite out of your budget! This speaker is particularly good for live vocals, whether sung or spoken. That means, of course, that singer-songwriters, presenters and workshop leaders can all make excellent use of this speaker. Moreover, the system is easy to expand with a subwoofer or by adding the active version of the ZX1. Therefore, you can easily scale your sound system to suit your needs.


  • Integrated QuickSAMTM Heavy-Duty Strong-Arm Mounting Bracket Included
  • Indoor/Outdoor Design – Meets IEC 529, IP44 & MIL810 Environmental Specs
  • ASCTM Automatic Saturation Compensation
  • EV8L 8” Weatherized Cone High-Output LF Transducer
  • DH2005 1” Exit True Compression Driver
  • 90° x 50° or 100° x 100° Coverage Patterns
  • Rotatable Horn Design
  • 200W Continuous, 800W Peak Power Handling
  • High Sensitivity, 125 dB Maximum SPL
  • Height: 451mm
  • Width: 282mm
  • Depth: 263mm
  • Weight: 8.4kg

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Additional information

Weight 8.4 kg
Dimensions 26 × 28 × 45 cm