The Strand SD6 Dimmer is a 6 Channel Digital Dimmer with a vast amount of control setup options. These portable dimmer packs are designed to be in conjunction with lighting desks and consoles.

Strand SD^ Dimmer



The SD6 Dimmer by Strand Luighting is a 6 channel digital dimmer with a vast amount of control setup options. The SD6 is a compact and portable dimming unit, designed for use in conjunction with lighting control consoles as part of either entertainment or architectural lighting installations.

Specifically designed for 230 / 240 volt dimming markets, the SD6 offers user-friendly controls in a portable, rack mount package. The SD6 dimmer pack contains six 13 Amp (2.5kW) 230/240 volt dimmers. In addition, this dimmer features USITT DMX512(1990) multiplexed digital control, via 5 pin XLR connector

Each dimmer can be configured directly from the onboard LCD menu for various operations. These include dimming or non-dim operation, minimum / maximum output levels, dimming curves, and more.


  • Six 13 Amp (2.5kw) dimmers for 230/240 volt operation
  • Main circuit breaker for each dimmer
  • Designed for single or three-phase supplies
  • Fully digital control electronics
  • DMX512 In/Out
  • Simple setup using front panel keypad and LCD display
  • 24 backup cues with backup link to connect multiple dimmer packs
  • Chase and scene pattern library for standalone operation
  • Individual settings for minimum / maximum output levels for each dimmer
  • Individual dimming curve selection for each dimmer
  • DMX512 addressing with individual patching for all dimmers
  • CE Marked
  • Voltage: 200 – 260 Volts AC. Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Three-phase + Neutral + Earth
  • SD6 dimmer packs must be Earthed for safety in use
  • Each pack contains six dimmers with one socket-outlet per dimmer
  • Maximum load 13A per dimmer – total 78A per dimmer pack
  • Minimum load 60W per dimmer
  • Back up link connector
  • Height: 90 mm
  • Width: 485 mm
  • Depth: 395 mm
  • Weight: 12Kg

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 40 × 49 × 9 cm

User Manual