The Anytronics Quad Pro-Dim 10 is a four channel 10A dimming pack ideal for use in studios or on location.

Anytronics Quad Pro-Dim 10



The Anytronics Quad Pro-Dim 10 provides four channels of dimming or switching operation in a robust and portable package. Features circuit breaker protection on each channel and CEE form input and output connectors. Consequently this dimmer pack is ideal for studio, marquee or location use. The dimmer pack combines hard fired triacs with digital control technology to achieve complete dimming control with no minimum load constraints making it suitable for a wide range of dimming applications from incandescent lamps to motors and cold cathode lighting.

The unit has a 3 A CEE form chassis-mounted plug for the input, with four 16A CEE form chassis-mounted output sockets. The input is protected by a 32A double pole circuit breaker, while the outputs are protected by 10 A single-pole circuit breakers. The 32A CEE input & 4 x 16A CEE outputs are mounted at the rear of the case.

Remote control version K191 with analogue and DMX inputs. DMX input on both XLR and RJ45 in and through sockets. Each channel features circuit breaker protection. In addition, the Anytronics Quad Pro-Dim 10 offers CEE input and output connectors. Furthermore, the Quad Pro-Dim 10 is suitable for dimming control of incandescent, resistive, inductive/wound transformer loads, and most dimmable electronic transformers for low voltage or cold cathode lighting.


  • 4 Channels of dimming or zero voltage switching at 10A per channel
  • Suitable for incandescent, inductive & dimmable electronic transformers
  • Local slider control or optional DMX / analogue control
  • Adjustable 0-25% preheat
  • Robust portable package

If the is not what you are looking for, we have several other dimmers available, for instance, the Strand SD6

Additional information

Weight 8.6 kg
Dimensions 33 × 41 × 13.5 cm
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