The 400W HQI floodlight produces a bright, crisp light which can be enhanced with colour gel filters. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Floodlight 400W


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These 400W HQI floodlights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as they are waterproof with an IP65 rating. Fitted with a 400W HQI clear metal halide lamp. This lamp type produces a crisp white light. The floodlights are ideal for lighting trees, buildings, large workspaces and car park/ walkway areas.

Hydrargyrum Quartz Iodide to give them their full name are a special type of high-intensity discharge lighting. The metal halide lamp will outperform halogens and as such, they are far better for floodlighting gardens and houses. These lamps produce a clear white light and are suitable for display or floodlighting, where the heat output from tungsten halogen lamps would create a problem. Metal Halide Lamps have an efficiency approx. 4 times higher than halogen lamps and xenon lamps.

Please note, HQIs cannot be used with dimmers, need to be cool when turning on, and have inbuilt circuitry that is only suitable for the correct wattage lamp.

Furthermore, these floodlights feature a singed front cover fitted with tempered safety glass and stainless steel clips for quick and easy access to the lamp. As these fixtures do not get very hot, they can be used with coloured gels to add an extra wow factor to lighting.

Additional information


Lamp Colour

Open White

Lamp Output

400W Lamp

Lamp Type


Power Input


Supplied With

Flying Hardware, Safety Bond