The 32A 400V IMST is a robust rubber distribution box with three x 32A 240V outputs. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

32A 400V IMST



The PCE 32A 400V IMST Distribution Box has been expertly designed and manufactured in Austria to an extremely high standard. These rugged connectors are professional-grade, a handy, robust and lightweight distribution box made of shock-resistant polyamide. Features an IP44 rating, therefore the IMST is splashproof. These boxes are also stackable, which is ideal for smaller spaces. Furthermore, the design includes a high-grade steel folding carry handle and 3 modules under a clear MCB window.

Made by PCE, these IMST Mobile thermoplastic distribution boxes are well suited for all applications. Especially in those areas that depend on high-quality, a robust enclosure and total reliability, such as in industry, trade, workshops, agriculture, household, public buildings, leisure, sport, marinas, camping, etc.

The PCE 32A 400V IMST Distribution Box features 1 x 32A 400V input with 1 x 32A 230V output per phase (three in total) with 30mA RCBO.


  • Input: 1 x 32a 415v 3P+N+E
  • Style: Panel Mounted
  • Rated IP44
  • Outlets: 3 x 32a 240v 2P+E
  • Style: Panel Mounted
  • Protection: 30mA RCBO
  • Rated IP44
  • Length: 300 mm
  • Width: 295 mm
  • Height 197 mm
  • Weight: 2.8KG

Another option is the 32A 400V Distribution Board

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm