Sony Anycast In The Spotlight

Sony Anycast AWS-G500

The Sony Anycast AWS-G500 Station Live Content Producer combines decades of Sony AV expertise together with industry-leading IT technology. Consequently, the Anycast has been designed as a powerful content creation tool for live event programming. It is comprised of a high-quality video switcher, an audio mixer, a large LCD display, and a streaming encoder and […]

Chroma-Q Colour Block DB4 In the Spotlight

The Chroma-Q Colour Block DB4 features a modular design and a comprehensive range of fixing options. This specifically allows users to easily create a complete LED system using stock of just one generic fixture type. For example, battens, blinders and various mounting configurations using the built-in fixing options. Designed to be intelligent both inside and […]

QTX 400W UltraViolet Cannon In the Spotlight


The QTX 400W UltraViolet Cannon is a strong UV (blacklight).  This cannon is great for providing that club effect. Furthermore, with 400W of UltraViolet light, this unit is not just great for theatrical or dancefloor lighting, but can also produce great effects in bars, skating rinks, bowling clubs and more! Developed to use a 400W […]

LED Event Spot In the Spotlight

The LED Event Spot is useful as both an uplight and for top lighting. This is because of the removable hanging frame. With a 12.5W lamp, this unit is brighter than our Par 38 uplights. Fitted with a warm white lamp, the unit cannot change colour like our other LED products. However, the built-in gel […]

Wholehog 3 In the Spotlight

WholeHog 3

Well-known within the events industry, The Wholehog 3 Full Boar lighting desk undoubtedly offers a creative programming experience. The desk features touch screens, keyboard and mouse outputs, plus the ability to add up to 2 monitors. In addition, Wholehog consoles offer an easy-to-use interface. However, they are also designed to control big, complex lighting rigs […]

Spot 250XT In The Spotlight

XT Spot 250

The Robe Spot 250XT is our basic 250W moving head spot. Great for either stage, dancefloor or corporate work. In total, the gobo wheel can take up to six gobos and in addition, the colour wheel allows for 11 filters. Furthermore, the prism allows for rotational effects. Combined together, therefore the Robe Spot 250XT can […]