Full Install

For any size of event, a full installation includes several elements. These can be tailored to suit each event, for example, if crew are not required on site for the duration of the event. Firstly is setting up all the equipment. This may include connecting up generators or other contractors equipment (a band or DJ requiring power for instance). Secondly is running lighting and/ or sound checks. In addition, there is often someone on site for the duration of the event to check and run the equipment, Finally there is the removal of everything afterwards, either immediately or at another time, such as the following morning for instance.

Equipment Only Hire

In addition to full installations, we also offer a hire only service. Equipment can either be collected from our warehouse or shipped out via courier, then returned after the event. Instructions can be provided on how to set up products.

All products are checked and tested before being shipped/ collected and upon return.

Shipping Information

For equipment only hires, we offer next day or same day courier services. We can provide costs for shipping when you request a quote.

Please note that some items can only be shipped by same day courier as they are fragile. However, if you are local, you are welcome to collect from and return to our warehouse.


PAT or Portable Appliance Testing is a routine check carried out at regular intervals on movable electrical items, including computers, kettles and lighting equipment. The inspection includes visual checks, earth bond tests and insulation tests depending on the type of appliance.

We are offering limited spaces for PAT inspection and servicing of electrical equipment. To include any equipment used on site, power tools and office equipment, we shall travel to you to perform the Portable Appliance Test. A copy of the results will be provided and all equipment shall be marked as pass or fail.

We also offer a servicing and repair service. Some repairs will be able to be carried out on site, but others may require us to order additional parts. In this instance we will carry out the repair at our warehouse and will ship the items back to you once completed.

Pay Per Item

Do you only have up to 25 items that require PAT certification? If so, we offer a flat rate of £1.50 per item to check and test. A certificate will be provided of all pass and fail items. Travel costs are extra. However you can drop off your items to be tested at our warehouse. In addition we can also repair any items required at cost of the materials.

£1.50 per item. Maximum 25 items

Half Day

Our half day rate includes costs for basic repairs such as fuse changes and rewiring. No charge for retesting. For up to 75 items.

Travel up to 10 miles is also included in the cost. Additional miles are extra.

£250 plus VAT.

Full Day

This rate includes costs for basic repairs such as rewiring and fuses. No charge for retesting. For up to 150 items, additional days can be quoted for.

Travel up to 25 miles is included. Additional travel miles extra.


£400 plus VAT.



For a flat rate of £25.00 per hour we can service and repair all aspects of lighting control, lighting (intelligent and generic), Audio Equipment, Video Equipment, Power Distribution. Parts used for repair charged separately, contact us for a formal quote.

Travel is not included.


We can repair a wide range of products in our warehouse. Time and cost depends on the extent of the repair and the parts required. For a quote, please contact us with the product and issue.


All equipment used for test and measurement need to be checked themselves for compliance. This service known as calibration is normally carried out once a year. If you would like us to arrange routine calibration of your test equipment then please contact us for a formal quote.