The PCE 32A 230V IMST distribution box is small and unobtrusive. Therefore it is suitable for smaller venues or as part of a large distribution system.




The PCE 32A 230V IMST Distribution box has been expertly designed and manufactured in Austria to an extremely high standard. The PCE IMST Power Distribution Board provides a 32 Amp 230V single phase inlet to 4 16A single-phase sockets with 32A Thru. The IP44 rated box is stackable and also features a carry handle. In addition, the durable plastic construction includes a clear window to allow access to the circuit breakers. Overall protection is offered by a 30mA Double Pole RCBO. Protection for 32A through is from the main C32 RCBO. Finally, MCBs offer protection to the four individual 16a socket outlets.

These rugged connectors are professional-grade. Made of shock-resistant polyamide, these distribution boxes are robust and also lightweight. They feature high-grade steel carry handle and the stackable design means that these boxes will take up less floor space – both in use and when in storage.

This distribution box provides 32A 230V (two positive and earth) inlet to four 16A 230V (two positive and earth) outlets. The input is protected by a 32A 30mA RCBO and the outputs are each protected by a 16A IP MCB type C.


  • 32A 230V 2P+E TO 4 X 16A 230V 2P+E RCBO + MCB TYPE C
  • Handy, robust and lightweight distribution box made of shock-resistant polyamide
  • High-grade steel folding carry handle
  • 8 modules under clear MCB window
  • IP44 rated
  • Stackable design
  • 32A 230V 2P+E IP44 Appliance Inlet
  • Inlet Protection: 32A 30mA 2P RCBO
  • One x 32A 230V 2P+E IP44 Socket (through socket)
  • No protection on the through socket
  • Four x 16A 230V 2P+E IP44 Sockets
  • Each socket is protected by a 16A IP MCB Type C
  • Weight: 2.70Kg
  • Dimensions: W197 x H200 x L197 mm

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm