The 0.5T manual chain hoists are a piece of portable lifting equipment, suitable for lifting up to 500kg each. In addition, the lift height is 9m.




The 0.5T manual chain hoist provides a solution for raising and lowering truss sections and aluminium bars. Also, these chain hoists are suitable for a load of up to 0.5 ton (500kg) of weight each. In addition, these hoists have a 9m lift height, therefore making them suitable for many venues.

Generally speaking, hand-operated manual chain hoists are a piece of portable lifting equipment available in versatile configurations. Alternatively, these hoists are also commonly known as a chain block or block and tackle. Chain Hoists are very adaptable to the many alternative working scenarios and working environments including permanent and temporary installations. A manual chain hoist is a pretty simple device considering a large amount of weight such a tool can lift. Built from durable, high-grade steel, to ensure safety and reliability.  The 0.5T manual chain hoist can be separated into three different part categories: lifting chains, lifting mechanism and hooks.

Manual hoists have several advantages over electric chain hoists. Firstly, they don’t need electricity, oil or other additional resources to work. Second, they are cheaper than electric or hydraulic hoists. Finally, they are simple to use and easy to repair and maintain.


  • Heavy-duty model, industrial quality.
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Large opening swivel latch hooks with heavy-duty cast catch.
  • High tensile quality load chain
  • Zinc plated hand chain.
  • Captive Bearings on-load wheel
  • Weight 20kg