Spotlight on Prolight Mobiblast

The Prolights Mobiblast is a portable battery-powered LED projector. The Mobiblast has been designed as an effect uplighter for special events where more than just a standard uplight is required. This fixture has a three-beam output for the extra wow factor. The Mobiblast is equipped with a lithium battery pack and a built-in WIFI module for cable-free operation.

The LED block is independent of the base with a tilt of 105° both ways, granting a full mounting and focus flexibility also through the fixing screw on the base. As well as that, the base is of a sturdy die-cast aluminium construction.

The three 10W LED lamps consist of red, green, blue, as well as white. This produces a wide range of colours and also a crisp, clean white. Furthermore, the Prolights Mobiblast optics provide a 10° beam angle.

Prolight Mobiblast Specifications

  • Lamp type: 3x10W RGBW/FC LED
  • LED blocks inclination: +/- 105° tilt adjustment
  • Control: WDMX built-in WIFI receiver
  • Black OLED display user interface
  • IP rating: IP44
  • Battery: 14.8 V lithium
  • Battery life: 12 hours (colour change mode) / 8 hours (full mode)
  • Height: 211mm
  • Width: 273mm
  • Depth: 80mm
  • Weight: 3 kg

Further information on the Prolight Mobiblast can be found on the Prolights website.

Prolight Mobiblast
Prolight Mobiblast