Spotlight on Wholehog 3 Full Boar

Designed from the ground up to provide superb lighting control with powerful programming procedures, the Road Hog Full Boar expands your possibilities with an unprecedented amount of power and options. Equipped with Flying Pig Systems renowned Wholehog software, you are able to create, manage, edit and playback lighting to enhance any production environment. The Wholehog 3 Full Boar lighting desk is well known within the events industry. With its touch screens, keyboard and mouse outputs, plus the ability to add up to 2 monitors, this lighting desk offers a creative programming experience. From the smallest gig to the largest of productions, the Wholehog 3 will therefore always ensure you are prepared for anything.

The Wholehog Full Boar, therefore, offers programmers significant advances in console technology, whether you’re using conventional, automated or digital lighting products.

Wholehog 3 Full Boar Specifications

  • Two large high-brightness colour touchscreens, with adjustable viewing angle
  • Backlit trackball with configurable buttons (4) for cursor and also position control
  • Playback faders (10) with familiar playback controls (Choose, Go, Pause & Flash)
  • Custom-designed embedded electronics, therefore does not use a standard computer motherboard
  • Supports two external monitors (VGA/SVGA)—can also be touchscreens
  • Direct connection to several standard visualization packages
  • Virtually silent operation—no fans
  • Internal hard disk drive, ZIP drive, and also re-writable CD-ROM drive
  • MIDI Input and Output supports MIDI Show Control and MIDI Time Code
  • Universal Serial Bus ports (2) for printer and Wholehog III accessories
  • Audio stereo line in and out, with two internal speakers
  • All desk lights, feedback LEDs and LCD backlighting are dimmable
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Auto-ranging mains input (90-250 VAC)
  • Power-fail protection (internal battery) therefore preventing data loss on power fail
Wholehog 3 Full Boar
Wholehog 3 Full Boar