As well as our Event Services, we also offer PAT inspection and servicing. PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing. This is a routine check carried out at regular intervals on movable electrical items. For example computers, kettles and lighting equipment. The inspection includes visual checks, earth bond tests and insulation tests depending on the type of appliance.

At this time we are offering limited spaces for PAT inspection and servicing of electrical equipment. This is to include any equipment used on site, power tools and office equipment. Furthermore, a copy of the results will be provided and all equipment shall be marked as pass or fail.

We also offer a servicing and repair service. Some repairs will be able to be carried out on-site, but others may require us to order additional parts. In this instance, we will carry out the repair at our warehouse and will ship the items back to you once completed.

What is involved in a PAT inspection?

  • Visual inspection of the appliance, flex and plug top – First looking for any visual signs of damage or overheating
  • Open Each Plug Top – Inspect the fuse and connections and tighten wire connections
  • Electrical tests – Then appliance is put through a series of electrical tests to ensure that it is properly earthed (Earth Continuity Test, Class 1 appliance) and insulated (Insulation Resistance Test, Class 1 and 2 appliance)
  • Labelling – A label is affixed to the appliance indicating whether it has passed or failed as well as additional information including the test date, re-test date and Appliance ID number assigned to it
  • Records – Finally a detailed record is given for each appliance tested as well as an inventory summary. These records will be made available in an electronic format (hard copy available upon request)

What is included in a PAT inspection?

  • Pass/fail labels on all appliances tested
  • Replacement of damaged plug tops and fuses
  • Minor repairs to plug top wiring
  • Free re-testing after repairs (excluding fixed appliances & 110v equipment)
  • PAT test certificate & inventory records in electronic & hard copy formats

Pay Per Item

Do you only have up to 25 items that require PAT certification? If so, we offer a flat rate of £1.50 per item to check and test. A certificate will also be provided of all pass and fail items. Travel costs are extra. However you can drop off your items to be tested at our warehouse. In addition we can also repair any items required at cost of the materials.

£1.50 per item. Maximum 25 items

Half Day

Our half day rate includes costs for basic repairs such as fuse changes and rewiring. Moreover, there is no charge for retesting. For up to 75 items.

Travel up to 10 miles is also included in the cost. Additional miles are extra.


£250 plus VAT.

Full Day

This rate includes costs for basic repairs such as rewiring and fuses. No charge for retesting. For up to 150 items, additional days can be quoted for.

Travel up to 25 miles is included. Additional travel miles extra.


£400 plus VAT.