Full Installation

Our most popular event service is the full installation. For any size of event, a full installation includes several elements.  Firstly is setting up all the equipment. This may include connecting up generators or other contractors equipment (a band or DJ requiring power for instance). Secondly is running lighting and/ or sound checks. In addition, there is often someone on-site for the duration of the event to check and run the equipment, Finally, there is the removal of everything, either immediately afterwards or at another time, such as the following morning for instance.

However, this option can be tailored to suit each event, for example, if the crew are not required on-site for the duration of the event.

Equipment Only Hire

In addition to the full installation, we also offer a hire only service. Equipment can either be collected from our warehouse or shipped out via courier, then returned after the event. Instructions can be provided on how to set up products. For more information on the equipment available to hire, check out our Products page.

All products are checked and tested before being shipped/ collected and upon return.

Shipping Information

For equipment only hires, we offer next day or same day courier services. We can provide costs for shipping when you request a quote.

Please note that some items can only be shipped by same day courier as they are fragile. However, if you are local, you are welcome to collect from and return to our warehouse.