The Clay Paky MiniScan HPE when used with haze, the scanners’ fast movement, vibrant colours and rotating gobos create stunning visual effects.

Clay Paky MiniScan HPE


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The Clay Paky MiniScan HPE is an intelligent moving mirror luminaire which combines quality, advanced technology, reliability and a host of special effects in an extremely compact unit. It is the most powerful compact moving mirror light on the market. Its 300W lamp generates an extremely bright uniform beam that may be enriched with an absolutely complete set of effects. It is a sturdy, lightweight, unobtrusive motorized light, ideal for TV studios, small stages in theatres and at live events, and in settings with low ceilings. Thanks to its quick movements, it can be added as an exciting complement to rigs with more powerful moving head luminaires.

If you are looking for a compact, powerful projector, which is innovative, elegant, packed with graphic features, capable of meeting any requirements from the most simple to the most complex, yet still within the scope of any budget, then the Clay Paky MiniScan HPE is the answer to your dreams.

  • Lightweight compact scanner that can be adapted easily to any setting
  • 300 W discharge lamp
  • Extremely bright for its size and power
  • Standard lens: 1:2.2 / 135 mm (19°). Optional wide-angle lens: 1:1.6/ 100 mm (25°)
  • 7 colour wheel + effects wheel (including CTO and CTB filters + UV light filter + light blue filter)
  • Graphic system: 6 rotating gobos + 1 fixed prism
  • 0-100% dimmer + extremely high-speed stop/strobe (1-12 flashes/s).
  • 2 frost filters

Additional information


Lamp Colour

Colour Wheel, Open White

Supplied With

Flying Hardware, Safety Bond

User Manual