Although we have been producing CAD renderings for many years now, we have recently invested in a full Capture Studio for producing event visualisations. We have the latest version of Capture for lighting and event visualisation. In addition, this software is running on dedicated hardware, and therefore we can produce higher quality 3D images of your event. 

We have an increased number of clients and designers who want to see their event before arrival on site. By using Capture and other CAD software, it is possible to show exactly how an event will look. This includes lighting, furniture, stage, dancefloor in a rendering that is to scale.

Most clients have an idea as to how they perceive their event to look upon completion. As a result, we offer all clients to have their event drawn in CAD and 3D photo-realistic images created. In addition to that, we can also supply a 3D Interactive walk-through that the client can use themselves to get an idea as to how the final product will look.

To create these event visualisation models all we need is one of the following.

  • Pre-drawn Venue Model in either Sketchup or DWG Format
  • PDF Scale Plans
  • Event Brief

From this we can then create one or all the following:

  • Photo-realistic images
  • Interactive walk-through
  • Scale Plans

Below are several examples of event visualisation renderings that have been produced for a variety of events.